Paper Airplane Business Cards

Paper airplane business card

A business card that transforms into a paper airplane!


Last spring, as part of my ridiculously long hunt for a job for after graduation, I decided to make myself a set of business cards to hand out along with my resumes at job fairs. I knew I wanted something that would stand out with recruiters, and reflect my personality.

After researching tons of crazy business cards, and coming across an origami-inspired business card from a local designer, I came up with a crazy new concept: a business card that doubles as a paper airplane.

Background, Part 2

Years of folding paper airplanes as a kid came in handy as I experimented with the best approach to my folding card, as I iterated my initial design. I knew I wanted my business card to be able to fold flat like a traditional 3 1/2" x 2", so it wouldn't be cumbersome for employers to deal with when in 'business card mode'. That required using thinner card stock with no gloss layer, and coming up with a folding mechanism to hold the wings of the plane in place while folded up.

Paper airplane business card, in action

For more info, check out my Behance page for this project.

Sega Saturn Themed Résumé

Sega Saturn themed resume case

Because cover letters are for suckers.

Front Cover

Sega Saturn themed resume front cover

This is the front insert, which doubles as the graphic on the front of the "manual" insert.

Back Cover and Spine

Sega Saturn themed resume back cover and spine

This is the back and spine graphics which wrap around the sides of the case. I used samples of my work for the "screenshots".

For more info, check out my Behance page for this project.

Boys & Girls Club Promo Work

Boys & Girls Club promo materials

Various projects created to promote the local Boys & Girls Club. Mediums ranged from print posters and flyers, to t-shirts, to candy and gum wrappers.

Boys & Girls Club chocolate bar and gum wrappers

Left: Candy bar wrapper handed out to promote the after school rec program. Printed on glossy poster paper and individually rewrapped.
Right: Gum wrapper, part of the same media blitz. Printed on glossy poster paper and individually rewrapped.

Boys & Girls Club promotional poster and t-shirt

Left: Flyer made for a Rock Band 2 tournament being held at one of the middle schools.
Right: I designed these screen printed t-shirts to give out to our members, to get some brand recognition (I swear the quote was hilarious and relevant back in 2007).

For more info, check out my Behance page for this project.